My Mission:
To create happier people through healthier bodies
My Why:

Too many people believe that living with aches and pains is just part of life and getting older. Living with pain often means that there are things people feel they can’t do and therefore don’t do. The less pain we have the more we are willing to get out and about and do what makes us happy! Which equals living a happier life.

My Vision:

Providing a welcoming, safe and non-judgmental environment to help people reduce their aches, pains and stress. To inspire people to be proactive about their health rather than reactive.

My Values:

* Exceptional customer service and communication

* To always be professional, personable, respectful, empathetic and non judgmental.

* Listen to clients health goals and help them achieve them

* Keep clients & myself accountable to their health goals

* Know where my limits are as a practitioner and when to refer

* Be present with every client every time

* Educate clients about their health to the best of my ability

My How:

Ensure I am continually checking in with clients to make sure I am helping them achieve their individual health goals not just assuming I am.

Keep up with latest research and continuing education as well as looking after myself so I can provide the best possible care for my clients.