Confessions of a massage therapist

I love my job, there’s no denying it. It’s a privilege that people feel so comfortable in my treatment room that they unreservedly open up about things that are either troubling them or making their world a better place. When I looked at the course outline for my massage course back in 2001 and saw … Continue reading Confessions of a massage therapist

Looking after you

I treated my youngest client recently, a very polite and lovely 7 year old boy. His mum booked him in for a massage as he has asthma and growing pains, common issues both causing increased muscle tension. This was his first ever massage. His mum had also recently taken him to his first yoga class, … Continue reading Looking after you

Benefits of Remedial Massage

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Some benefits of Remedial Massage are: Relieving muscle and fascia tension, Decreased muscle pain, Lowers stress, Calms peripheral and sympathetic nervous systems, Improves movement, Increases circulation, Normalises blood pressure, Boosts immune function, Fosters sound sleep, Breaks down scar tissue adhesions, Promotes muscle repair, General wellbeing in a routine massage program. The main reason most clients … Continue reading Benefits of Remedial Massage

Are aches and pains a part of ageing?

Aches and pains are just part of getting old I guess……… This would be the one line I cringe at regularly from clients. I’m just not willing to accept that living with pain as we age is the norm. Yes we all have aches and pains from time to time, but I’m talking about that … Continue reading Are aches and pains a part of ageing?