I have the best job in the world, helping relieve peoples’ pain which allows them to get on with life and do the things that make them feel great is exceptionally rewarding.

My massage style is the perfect balance between pressure and relaxation to meet each individual clients needs. My aim is to find the fine line for each client, which is the perfect amount of pressure to relieve aches and pains whilst still allowing you to relax. Not having enough pressure during a massage is frustrating and too much pressure means you leave feeling more stressed out than when you walked in. With over 18 years experience my aim is to find that perfect massage fine line with every client, every time so you walk out feeling your aches and pains have been relieved as well as feeling relaxed.

“That was the best massage I’ve ever had, & I’ve had quite a few”, a line I frequently have the pleasure of hearing new clients say.

My long term goal with each client is to help them achieve their wellness goals & promote a state of equilibrium within their body through soft tissue therapies. My career helping people began in 2002 when I graduated from Nature Care College in Sydney as a Remedial Massage Therapist. Early on in my career I worked closely with and studied under 2 highly experienced physiotherapists, which ignited my fascination of human anatomy and biomechanics. I moved to the beautiful Sunshine Coast in late 2016 and once again I find myself in a practice with dedicated and passionate practitioners that help me continue to learning.

I have a proven track record of successfully treating and supporting clients of all ages through the effects on their soft tissue due to such things as sporting injuries, surgery, pregnancy, sedentary jobs and arthritis. Each treatment I do is different as I make sure it’s all about you and what your focus is on. Be it recurring and persistent shoulder pain, neck tension or simply keeping your body in check. I make sure I have 15mins in between each client which means I have time to talk to you before every treatment and I can therefore still treatment you for the fill duration of your appointment.

Throughout my career I have continued my studies and personal development, including an Advanced Certificate in Remedial & Sports Massage therapies at the renowned Peridor health school, as well as several specialist areas, including myofascial cupping, dry needling and reflexology.

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