“Amanda has been my regular massage therapist since 2009. I have a long history of neck, shoulder and back pain, which has been managed by remedial massage and occasional more severe interventions. More recently I have suffered issues with my feet including plantar fasciitis.

Amanda’s treatment has been of great benefit. She is skilled at identifying issues and providing an appropriate massage treatment as well as recommending ways of improving situations through exercise, posture etc as well as identifying when other professionals might be consulted.

Regular treatments are adjusted to concentrate on the current issues rather than each treatment being the same routine. I am always confident that I will leave feeling better than when I went in.

Amanda is very client focused and it has been a great pleasure to have been a client of hers for so long. It is sad to lose such a dedicated and expert professional from this area but that will be someone else’s gain. I can highly recommend her. “


“I have been going to Amanda since the last 8 years. In the first few years I used to go the Amanda mainly to recover from my hardcore gym sessions. Whilst her sessions were very relaxing, she had this 6th sense and went straight for the muscle knots in my body! She was always suggesting different types of stretches and exercises which were not part of her service offering however she still did it because she was so knowledgeable and has been working with a group of physiotherapists and helping them with their patients.

In 2013, I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and have been going through chemotherapy since 2 years. My Oncologist had suggested that massages might be a good way to combat my fatigue and certain body aches. Amanda has been with me throughout this journey. Her massages have provided me great comfort and relaxation. She had adjusted her style, pressure and the speed of her strokes so as to accommodate my situation. She is truly gifted and I fully recommend her to anyone in need of a sports recovery or a medically inclined massage therapist. “